Male patients may be some of the most difficult patients that physicians will deal with throughout their years. On average, men tend to forego preventative healthcare because they find it unnecessary. Other studies have shown that men are unlikely to visit their physician until they are in bad shape and need medical attention. It is time that men finally have a medical facility where they feel safe, comfortable, and feel as though they are a priority. Opening a medical franchise from Men’s Vitality Center will give men exactly what they are looking for.

It is important to give men specialized medical attention. Men are affected by medical conditions that are not seen in women; prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, and testicular disorders. A specialized medical facility that is dedicated to the healthcare of males is much more likely to draw male clientele quickly. Men across the country need to understand that their loved ones count on them to stay healthy. Skipping regular medical visits is an unsafe practice. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has shown that men are 32% more likely to be hospitalized due to long-term complications with diabetes than their female counterparts. Complications due to diabetes can be avoided with preventative care.

The health and well-being of the males in your town can finally be improved with a specialized medical location. Men’s Vitality Center offers incredible buy-in rates, help with startup, and ongoing marketing and branding support. There is no real downside to opening up your very own medical franchise location. Call our dedicated representatives today for more information regarding our medical franchise opportunities.