Men’s healthcare is on the rise. The steady increase of male patients that are more interested in improving their health and well being has been steadily increasing over the past 5 years. This rise in male related healthcare is partly due to the Affordable Care Act that was enacted within the United States. This law ensures that everyone can receive quality healthcare. In order to give men the healthcare coverage that they desperately need, Men’s Vitality Center is offering medical franchise opportunities around the country that strictly focus on male related healthcare.

For those that do not know, there are certain conditions and diseases that only affect men; prostate issues, erectile dysfunction, testicular issues. While there are many different medical facilities that cater to the female, there are very few facilities that cater strictly to male healthcare. Here are some very interesting facts about the rise of men’s healthcare and male-specific healthcare facts.

  1. Men’s primary care is an industry that is worth about $135.2 billion.
  2. Experts expect men’s healthcare to grow by 4% in the next 3 years.
  3. Average life expectancy for men in the United States is currently 76 years.
  4. Heart disease is the most common killer of men over the age of 250.
  5. Over 12% of adult men are considered in “poor health.”
  6. 50% of men will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.
  7. Erectile is most common in men over the age of 75 but can occur at any age.
  8. Erectile dysfunction can be due to age, medical disorders, treatment of medical conditions, or injury.

With men’s healthcare on the rise, the time has never been better to open up a medical franchise from Men’s Vitality Center. Call the dedicated representatives at Men’s Vitality Center for more information!