Medical franchise opportunities are a great way to open affordable healthcare up to men around the country. As it is now, there are not enough clinics to accommodate the increased numbers of Americans with proper healthcare. When appointment times are scarce people will put off routine medical care because they “don’t need it” it is is “too inconvenient.” Routine medical care is necessary to keeping tabs on your physical health.

We’ve known for a long time that men, more than women, will put off visiting a physician at a higher rate. Here are the top 5/10 reasons that men across the country have given for skipping their medical care:

  1. It doesn’t necessitate a doctors visit. Unless men are at death’s door, they would rather tough it out. Men tend to be more closed off about their problems and less likely to seek help if they believe they can handle it.
  2. Lack of nagging. Men visit the physician more often when their significant other or parents urge (or force) them to make an appointment.
  3. Appointments are inconvenient. Physicians offices that are incredibly busy and when there are hundreds of people are vying for the same appointment times, appointments do not mesh well with work and life schedules.
  4. Appointment are too expensive. When it comes to keeping your health in check, routine medical appointment are not too costly. Medical franchises offer quicker and easier appointments for men that worry about spending too much money.
  5. Men don’t go to the doctor. There has been a long history of men being told that admitting to health problems affects their masculinity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Routine medical care keeps health exactly where it should be.

In order to help men with their healthcare, it is time to look into the medical franchise opportunities from Men’s Vitality Clinic. We offer low buy-in rates and help with all aspects of the business development. Call one of our representatives for more information!