An emergency department study was conducted in Oregon to see how the Affordable Care Act has affected those in the state. The outcome told them that from 1997 to 2007, there had been an increase of 40 percent of low-income adults in Oregon visiting the emergency department for medical reasons that did not precipitate an ER visit. Some cases didn’t even require a trip to the urgent care, and could have been taken care of with a visit to the person’s primary care physician. What the study didn’t include statistics on what  the medical cases were that warranted a trip to the ER, including items that waited until after normal business hours to be seen.

The medical system in the United States is rife with stories in the medical field similar to this, yet, there is not always an easy answer for where you go and when to go to the doctor. For people who are resistant to going to the doctor on a regular basis, it can be even more difficult. This is where medical franchises come in with better communication, marketing and lower costs for appointments while billing Medicaid.

Men’s Vitality Center offers an all-in-one location where men can visit for colds, physicals, chronic disease care and more. Schedules are flexible and the staff follows OSHA and HIPAA regulations to the letter. Men can visit the doctor when they need to and not go to the ER for something that should be taken care of at their primary care physician’s office. Having a medical franchise that focuses on being an all-in-one location for male patients provides a community with an alternative to waiting to go to the ER on the weekend or late at night.