January is often a month filled with hope. For many of you, it’s also a month full of daydreaming about finally unshackling yourselves from your corporate desks and becoming your own boss. If you’re one of those people who are considering investing in a small business like a medical franchise, then these New Year’s resolutions are just what you need to hear right now.

  • Vow to take charge of your career or life. Either find a new job or seriously consider starting your own business or investing in a franchise.
  • If you make a large purchase in 2016, then you should only make it after you’ve done your research and based your decisions only on facts. For example, if you purchase a franchise, this would be considered a large purchase.
  • If you’re looking into owning your own business or franchise, then you are going to need help writing your business plan so that you can increase your chances of obtaining a small business low for initial financing. Look into getting help with your business plan so that your first attempt is successful.
  • Learn to manage your money better. Even a business with strong sales and healthy growth still runs the risk of owing more debt than they can pay in any given month. Spend time preparing a cash flow projection. This will help you identify cash shortfalls that are possible in 2016.

Like many New Year’s resolutions, the list may seem a bit daunting. But the effort involved is worth it — for you and your prospective new medical franchise.