In a previous blog, we addressed reasons men don’t visit the doctor. There are many excuses, but it still stands that many health issues could be helped by going to the doctor for annual preventive care visits. By opening a medical franchise specializing in men’s healthcare in your community, you aren’t simply investing in your future, you can be a catalyst to helping men to live longer and enjoy their family, friends and life. Men’s Vitality Centers are proven to help in the medical field as the national leader in men’s health.

  • The cost of preventative care should be helped by the healthcare requirements. With insurance, preventative care is a little to no additional cost, so ideally, that should not be an excuse any longer.
  • Unfortunately, many health issues don’t have symptoms until they get to a crisis point. For instance, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can both result in heart attacks if they aren’t attended to properly in the early stages. Diabetes is another that doesn’t present clear symptoms early on, but can be devastating if not treated. Catching serious health conditions early on can determine long-term health.
  • Men’s Vitality Centers offer an easy way to fit a doctor’s visit into your schedule. We understand your schedule is busy and demanding. We will be respectful of your time.
  • Having to get a medical test that involves embarrassment will only last a short time compared to the pain and multiple treatments that will need to happen if something is left unchecked.
    Most sexually transmitted diseases, for example, are easily treated with antibiotics if a test comes back positive. Tests don’t always have to be uncomfortable, and if a test isn’t performed the disease can get progressively worse and be more difficult to treat. Likewise, other physical tests, like prostate exams and colonoscopy, can aid in identifying issues early on, meaning a chance to administer effective treatments.
  • Our doctors understand men and their needs, sensitivities and fears. We’re here to support men in the ways they need so they can get the care they need to remain healthy, not just feeling good. Going to the doctor doesn’t’ have to mean waving the white flag when your health issues involve an easy fix. It’s more like taking your car into get the oil changed regularly. Your car isn’t broken, but it will help keep it running its best. Going into the doctor for small health concerns and the preventative care simply means that you’re doing the best to care for your body and keep it in top working order.

Opening a medical franchise of Men’s Vitality Center in your community will offer a convenient and confidential option for men to visit to help maintain their health. MVC gives men a comfortable place to go for preventative care that helps to remove excuses so men get the healthcare they need without some of the inconveniences. Our medical franchise is here to serve men in the community and help give education and healthcare so men stay healthy. Contribute to the health of your community and contact us at Men’s Vitality Center corporate office to find out more information about starting a medical franchise of our proven men’s centers.