Men, as a whole, don’t care to visit the doctor. Our previous blogs have addressed some of the most common reasons men don’t visit the doctor unless they have to. While some of these reasons are a personal decision to not visit the doctor, other reasons are due to the inefficiencies of visiting the doctor and not having care that’s effective or time-sensitive. Scheduling appointments can feel like trying to herd ants. It becomes tedious and difficult, especially when specialists get involved.

Medical franchises have started to show that this pattern of inefficient healthcare doesn’t have to be the norm. An article from Entrepreneur addresses the boom in medical franchises, and how the consistency of care can help improve the quality of care through the medical franchise business model. Buying into a medical franchise opportunity can offer a chance to incorporate certain practices that reduce the lack quality customer service that has encroached on the medical industry as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

The franchise business model in the medical field gives the opportunity to streamline the business side of the medical practice so more patients can be given quality care without the shuffle and minimize the overhead for the practice. Medical franchise opportunities, like the Men’s Vitality Center offer medical services with good quality at a low price to the business and patient. We also serve as primary care physicians and specialists with our lab and medical equipment, so our patients don’t have to juggle life and appointments to manage conditions. Contact MVC to find out more information about investing and starting medical franchise opportunities in Colorado.


Source: Why Health-Care Franchising is Entering a Boom Time