When you are investigating a medical franchise location, it is important to get your hands on the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Obtaining a copy of the FDD should happen as early on in the process as possible. A lot of companies will want to keep their FDD out of potential owners hands until too late. This is not the case with Men’s Vitality Center. We give our potential owners access to the Franchise Disclosure Documents well in advance so that they can take the necessary steps to understand the document.

This is the document that carries all of the information that a potential medical franchise owner could want. There are statistics about initial costs all the way into other financial statements, trademarks, and much more. This document was approved by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in 1995 as a way to protect potential franchise owners from buying into a bad business. Unfortunately the law states that the FDD must be presented to the potential medical franchise owner at least 14 days before signing the paperwork. This short timeline does not allow potential owners the time that is necessary to go through the FDD with a fine-tooth comb. Men’s Vitality Center encourages potential medical franchise owners to go through the FDD in order to see if our company falls into line with their wants and needs. We also suggest that you take our FDD to a franchise lawyer to have some of your most pressing questions answered.

The statistics that are laid out in an FDD can be very good, or very damning to a franchisor. We have said before, our franchise owners are very important to us because their success is out success. We do everything within our power to help a medical franchise location flourish. Any questions or concerns about Men’s Vitality Center can be fielded by our dedicated representatives. Don’t forget to ask about our Franchise Disclosure Form!