It is no secret that men may require much different healthcare services as women. While women have had specialized clinics dedicated to their healthcare for many years, the male population has been severely underserved. Men do encounter many different medical issues than women and deserve the same level of care and treatment. There are also certain diseases and disorders that affect both men and women at different rates. A medical franchise location through Men’s Vitality Clinic may be the perfect way to open a men’s healthcare clinic without breaking the bank!

If history has told us anything it is that men tend to get injured more than women. Maybe this is due to the fact that men are bigger daredevils than women, or maybe it is just something that cannot be explained. The CDC has shown that men have a much higher rate of Emergency Room visits due to unintentional  injury than their female counterparts. They also show that males above the age of 18 years old have a higher rate of being considered “in poor health” than their age-female counterparts. They are also said to have a higher instance of heart disease and diabetes. These statistics alone should show that men need a male-related medical franchise location in their hometowns. Having better healthcare for men will hopefully decrease the overall “poor” health status of men around the country.

Medical franchise opportunities through Men’s Vitality Clinic can help bring the health status of males back up to par. With the advancements in medical technology, there is no need for men, women, or children to be without the right type of healthcare. To learn more about medical franchise opportunities in your area, contact the dedicated representatives at Men’s Vitality Clinic!