You go to bed at the proper time every night and yet you wake up and you feel tired and restless. It may not be your mattress like you have been thinking. Have you been told that you snore like a train? You may have some form of sleep disturbance such as sleep apnea. It is time that you get the proper sleep treatment from a physician at Men’s Vitality Center.

Sleep Apnea is a potentially serious and dangerous sleep disorder. Sleep apnea causes you to stop and start breathing at different points in the night. This leads to dangerously low levels of oxygenated blood. Left untreated you can suffer from heart problems and other very serious conditions. Sleep clinics are the only way to decisively diagnose sleep apnea. The appropriate sleep treatment will be prescribed after the report from a sleep clinic comes back.

There may be changes that you can make to combat your sleep apnea. Lifestyle changes can go a long way to reversing your sleep apnea. If you are carrying around excess weight, especially in the upper body, it can obstruct your breathing. The use of alcohol, sleep aids, or sedatives can increase the risk of sleep apnea. They can relax the muscles in your neck and throat which can lead to episodes of sleep apnea. Another huge lifestyle change you can make is to quit smoking. There is scientific evidence to support that smokers are far more likely to develop obstructive sleep apnea.

It is important to remember that anyone can develop sleep apnea. If your loved ones have told you that you snore too loudly, you frequently stop breathing at night, or wake up gasping, it is time to seek out sleep treatment from Men’s Vitality Center.