Low testosterone levels can affect men of any age and in any state of physical fitness. One of the most frequently asked questions is “do testosterone levels decrease with age?” If yes, do you look into testosterone replacement therapy before a natural or lifestyle change? Decreasing testosterone levels is arguably one of the biggest medical concerns within the male population.

There have been thousands of studies that have dealt with low testosterone levels among men of different age groups. For a long time science has been leaning towards the fact that there is a natural decrease in testosterone levels as a man ages. This hypothesis has been backed up by research over the past 10 years. Research has shown that there is almost an imperceptible decline in testosterone in all males for every year over 30 years old. Some studies do not agree on which age the natural decline begins. Yet, most tend to use 30 years as their start point. Unfortunately, some men suffer from more extreme testosterone declines over the years. Testosterone replacement therapy can be a viable option for men who are experiencing a natural and life-changing decline in testosterone levels.

If there is a natural decline in testosterone that has a negative  effect on an individual’s overall health it is a good idea to seek professional help. In some instances these men may be experiencing an underlying, and undiagnosed medical condition. There is no shame in seeking medical advice for the negative side effects that are caused by low testosterone levels. Since low testosterone can only be diagnosed by a blood test it is imperative that your medical professional order these tests for an accurate diagnosis.

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