Testosterone is arguably the most important male hormone. It plays into many different aspects of the overall health in males. Natural testosterone levels decrease imperceptibly yearly over 30 years. Yet some men both younger and older are affected by abnormal drops in testosterone levels that can negatively affect their overall health. There are many different types of testosterone replacement therapy that are available to men who suffer from abnormally low testosterone levels.

According to research modern androgen therapy was invented in 1935 when testosterone was synthesized into a pellet that was then injected under the skin. It did not take researchers long to discover that oral methods to deliver testosterone were ineffective and quickly led to liver toxicity.

One of the first available testosterone replacement therapy options was an injection of synthesized testosterone. It is still one of the most common treatment plans for men who have been diagnosed with naturally occurring low testosterone levels. It should only be prescribed to men who are suffering from adverse effects of low testosterone production such as; muscle loss, loss of libido, depression, etc. This medication works by supplementing natural testosterone with synthetic testosterone to bring serum testosterone levels up to normal. The negative side effects of low testosterone levels should diminish over time with treatment. No medication will ever “cure” low testosterone. This medication may only be administered by your physician at their office.

Serum testosterone levels should be monitored by your physician on a regular basis. Dose administration will depend on how much testosterone appears on each blood test. If there are questions or concerns the physicians at Men’s Vitality can help. Call or visit our website for more information or to schedule an appointment.