The side effects of low testosterone can be anything but subtle. Treating the symptoms of low testosterone is a decision that needs to be made with the help of your physician. Unfortunately there are downfalls to all different types of medications and hormone replacement therapies. After speaking to your physician you should consider choosing testosterone replacement therapy to combat your low testosterone.

Testosterone is the main sex hormone within the male body. Therefore, there can be some detrimental effects of low testosterone levels. You may begin to lose muscle mass while accumulating excess body weight. There is the potential for emotional changes such as depression and anger issues. You may also find that your sleep patterns suffer. If the other side effects did not persuade you, maybe knowing that sexual desires can also become non-existent, will. You may also lose the ability to produce or hold an erection.

Testosterone replacement therapy is only necessary if you are suffering side effects. Your total serum testosterone levels should be tested prior to a diagnosis. When you begin supplementing your testosterone your body will slowly reverse the ill effects from low testosterone levels. Your sex drive is likely to return quickly. Studies are showing that testosterone replacement therapy improves overall emotional moods, improves cognition, and can combat muscle loss.

Should you have any questions, the physician at Men’s Vitality Center will be happy to answer them. They can give you information on different testosterone replacement therapies and side effects. You do not have to be in this alone. Trust the Men’s Vitality Clinic to get you back to feeling like yourself.