The world is a busy place and you have to keep up with it. Between work, family, and chores,  it is hard to schedule time to head into the doctors office. It might be even harder for you to make it into the gym for your hour workout. The future of healthcare might be with the use of personal health monitoring devices that can be worn on a daily basis.

Health and fitness trackers have already shown to increase an individual’s activity level throughout the day. There is something to be said about being able to track your daily exercise. With people using small sensor devices to track their health status, more attention is being put on their preventive care benefits. Mobile technology and monitoring devices are a way to deal with the challenges of health care access, the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, and inconvenience of preventive care appointments.

With the costs of personal health monitoring devices decreasing, it is much easier for the average person to get a hold of one. There is scientific backing that shows how beneficial it is for a person to see exactly what nutrition they are putting into their bodies, how much exercise they are getting throughout the day, and the amount of time they sleep at night. People will take better care of themselves if they have an application and device that can track their health over periods of time.

Physicians are also beginning to use a cloud based health monitoring device that will allow the physician to track their patients. For example, scientists have developed a wearable ECG system for cardiac patients that are high-risk. Imagine a World where your physician has access to your health care without you being in the office. This may be the future of preventive health care!